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For as long as I can remember, my life was very Pakistani culture – centered even though we live in such a Westernized society.Shoutout to Mom and Dad for never letting my younger sister and I forget where we came from. ), but some things about our culture just aren’t that glamorous, such as the gender stereotyping for example.Maalik is the only Pakistani film to be banned by the Federal Govt after being cleared by all Censor Boards.

Be it Tinder, MSN, m IRC - yeah, waaay back in the day - or even online marriage portals, here are 5 success stories of couples who, if given the chance, wouldn't change a thing about meeting their partner online. She had been engaged twice before, once to someone she had known in college and once to someone handpicked by her parents."I had gone through those options, it hadn't worked out."So when she joined on a whim as a joke because her friend dared her to, she wasn't expecting to meet her soulmate, especially not the first guy who messaged her and lived over 7,000 miles away in Canada.Farhan's dad had recently passed away and he had really wanted him to marry a Pakistani girl and Rija was 27 at the time, looking to settle down."It was a way for him to honour his late father and it was just like a puzzle that fit; he called his mother in Canada, got her blessings, came over with a family friend in tow and met my parents.We were married within 6 months."Now, 12 years and a kid later, her family still knows nothing about their whirlwind romance and thinks they just happened to "bump" into each other at a party.It was released on 8 April 2016 in cinemas across Pakistan under the production banner of Media Hub.The film was banned in Pakistan for political reasons after being cleared by all three Censor Boards of the country with Universal (Unrestricted) rating, opposition parties in Pakistan welcomed the film for showing reality and the KPK govt allowed screening of 'Maalik' .However, that's exactly what happened."It was a very casual message but right off the bat, we could tell our sense of humour was the same.

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